Product Development : The software Division of the Company is in the Process of developing their own In-house developed software solution for various industrial segments.

This software solution provide solution for ever rising demand of transparency, cost cutting, minimize redundancy, speedy delivery, effective customer support services, quality Production, maintains supply and demand equation, Logistics, Financial and Business Projection, Stock Market Report. This solution will be made available to Mid-Range and Small Scale Industries. Pricing will be done, keeping in mind the affordability and customization.
The company is coming out with Micro- Enterprise Resource Planning Solution for very small organization and firm. These two versions of Enterprise Resource Planning solution will be out shortly for Domestic and Overseas Market.

B : ENERGY METER READING SOLUTION : The second Product in the pipeline, under progress is a solution for Self Generation Meter Reading for residential, Commercial and Industrial Customers. The product will be developed for the State Power sector or Private Power sector for effective monitoring of accurate reading, Bill Generation, Vigilance against Power Theft, Customer Support etc.

C : ANTI-PIRACY SOLUTION : This is again a very innovative and need of the hour product, for the Entertainment Industry as well as for the solution providers. The impact of piracy is well known and industry is having a sleep less night, by its effects. Revenue in billion is under stake. The severely effected industry are entertainment be it Cinema, Music. This particular solution will to some extent will curb the impact. The company is looking for an early release of the product for the domestic and International Market.

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