Planet I Technologies is very a young, generic and vibrant Technology Innovation house, set up in the month of Feb'03 in the current year, in the so called Silicon Valley of India i.e., Bangalore with prime objective of providing high quality, cost effective, efficient end-to-end software solution to Domestic and International clients. The main area of concentration however, would be in Information Technology and Enable services. The company has made a very cautious, Informative and Responsible move in terms Innovation, keeping in mind the recent Global Economic slowdown, control over Project Expenditures, War over Pricing, and the requirements of the industry in general. But, over the year India has made a strong and phenomenal global impact as the I.T. superpower, as the most favored destination, as far as the project outsourcing is concern.

It has always been advantage India- in term of Cost Effective Technical Manpower, Infrastructure, Pricing, and Deliverables. Apart from, Information Technology sector, the Business Process Outsourcing- the latest buzz word, has made inroad to India (Bangalore), because of the facilities available. Numbers of US / European MNCs are setting up their operation here to facilitate their Back Office operations through Joint Ventures with the local organization or setting up their own. Business Process Outsourcing has huge potential in terms of revenue and employment generation. Business process outsourcing comes under I.T. Enable services, where in the Principal clients outsource some of their mainstream functions or processes to a remote destination to a third party, Who in turn manages the operations by providing end-to-end solution. The Contact Centers, Back office Accounts, Datawearhousing are some of the functions comes under BPO.

Planet-I technologies India Ltd. has identified I.T. and ITES, as a hugely potential area of Business activities, and prepared themselves forehand to explore.


"To provide cost effective information technology solutions to medium and large sized companies meeting both short term requirements and long term technology needs."

The PIT partnership with our clients provides both tactical and strategic benefits, including :

Excellent price performance
Adaptability to changing customer needs
Low risk approach
High quality resources


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